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The NEW QuickApp™ system allows for faster reporting and enables customers to move on with other tasks while AAA Credit Screening does the follow up work for you!

Eliminate costly mistakes

Applicants submit their application online, removing the delays and mistakes involved with reviewing applications.

Signed, certified

Applicants e-sign their application and are given all proper disclosures.


Limit applications by quantity or time, and choose whether you want instant processing or a hold for quality review.

Notifications and reminders

Reminders are sent to applicants with incomplete applications. You and the applicant will receive confirmation emails when the application is complete, and when the report is available for viewing.

Hassle-free overview

Applicant pending queue allows you to view all QuickAppsTM at any time in the application process.

Review the forms at any time

Application, disclosure, and consent forms can all be found in the attachments section of the Instascreen results page.

Flexible options

Applicants can decline to complete their application electronically and instead print the application to turn in via fax/mail/hand delivery

Embeded web application

Customized application link that can be placed on your website, eliminating the need to email applications

Customizable brandable

Web applications customized to list positions or options suited to your needs, and website is branded to your company with logos and a custom domain


This is a 1 time setup charge
There is no montly charges for this service.



How it works:

Customers often find that when they are trying to screen applicants that it becomes difficult or time-consuming to obtain the completed application, signatures and disclosue information from applicants. Ofthen times applicants take excessive time to return the signed forms and that delays the completed forms from reaching AAA Credit Screening Services. Occasionally there is a problem with the applican'ts hand writing, or other issues that can lead to mistakes or delays in order processing.

The NEW QuickApp™ is an exciting new product available to all AAA Credit Screening customers offering a solution to the above mentioned problems and more! The QuickApp™ allows customers to provide AAA Credit Screening with the applicant's name and email address (that can be entered in the online system). Applicants are then sent a link including the form that needs to be completed for their online screening application, eliminating issues with illegible handwriting, cutting down on report turn-around time. Applicants electronically sign their concent to credit checks and background screening and are provided with the necessary disclosurs. Both our customer and the applicant will receive a confirmation email. Customers will then receive another email when the report has been completed and is available for review.

The QuickApp™ program is customizable to fit customer needs. If customers have time-sensitive applications, they can set a time limit for applicants to complete the necessary documents and set features such as instant processing, quality rewier or if they want to stop accepting applications once a certain number has been reached.

If customers are concerned about whether applicants may forget to complete the necessary forms, QuickApp™ has a solution. The system will automatically email reminders to applicants who have started, but have not completed their forms.

AAA Credit Screening customers that would like to keep track or their outstanding reports, the pending queue provides customers with a way to view the status of all outstanding applicants including those who have not started completing forms, those that have been started, but not completed, and completed but require a quality review. Customers can also click and view an applican'ts submitted forms in the attachments section of the InstaScreen results page.

Our QuickApp™ Pro includes all the features from the QuickApp™, but with additional customizable features and functions to help streamline the reporting process. With the QuickApp™ Pro customers can enter applicant information directly into the InstaScreen vs. having to provide them to AAA Credit Screening Services via email or fax. The Pro application also allows customers to embed a link on their website directing applicants to a customized web application tweaked to fit our customer's screening needs. Customers can also brand the application to fir their business or website making it perfect for creditors, apartment management, employers, realtors and property managers. The application can be customized so that applicants can select the position that they are applying for, which can be useful in determining the specific reports that employers would like to run for that particular position. For apartments or landlords, it can be customized with the particular rental property that applicants can apply for.

The QuickApp™ Pro has a one-time setup charge of $20. This will cover the creation and customization of your web application.

If you are interested in utilizing the QuickApp™ or QuickApp™ Pro, contact AAA Credit Screening today!