Commercial Tenant Credit Reports

Commercial Tenant Credit Reports can assist Property Managers with Renting to the most Responsible Renters

Commercial Tenant Credit Reports assist property managers in protecting their property and enabling them to feel secure about their rental decisions when leasing office, retail or warehouse space.

Commercial Tenant Credit Reports can include both business reports as well as individual business owner reports.

Commercial Tenant Credit Reports are available in 3 packages: Business Summary, Commercial Intelliscore or Business Profiles.

Business Summary

The Business Summary report includes a look into the business' credit history as well as legal data. The report will list the number of open credit lines that the business has, any judgements or tax liens agaist the business as well as any bankruptcy filings, etc. The report will include the business' date of incorporation, whether or not it is currently an active business, and the officer's names.

Commercial Intelliscore

This is a one page report with credit information, just like the Business Summary, but it includes additional information including the current DBT (Days Beyond Terms), monthly average DBT and total outstanding balances. It will also include the highest credit line extended to the business by a creditor and the number of accounts currently on collection as well as the monetary amounts of legal filings. The report also includes Intelliscore Plus, which is a numerical business credit rating and range from "high risk" to "low risk".

Business Profile

Business Profile reports are the most comprehensive reports available through AAA Credit Screening and includes an executive summary on the first page with a review of the information contained within the report. Other items included in this report are:
  • A graph is also provided with quarterly and 7-month DBT trends.
  • Summary of legal filings and collections against the business
  • Trade information
  • Performance Analysis including indicators of payment trends and a comparison to others in the industry
What makes the Business Profile report unique is the fact that it includes a complete report on accounts held with each creditor, the balance and the DBT as well as details on all legal filings and collections against the company.

If the company is a newly established business, within the past 12 months, the report may be quite thin and cannot be compared to other companies within their industry. As a commercial property owner, you may find that this report is not sufficient in making your leasing decisions and you can therefor run credit reports on the individuals/owners of the businesses wanting to lease your property.

Running individual credit reports as well as business credit reports provide commercial property managers with a better idea of the credit worthiness of the business and individuals that they would be renting to.

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